A bad decision does not make you a bad person. Mistakes give us the opportunity to learn, grow, and make better choices down the line. But what happens when a mistake has the potential to derail your future? A DUI or DWI charge can have serious ramifications on your ability to build the life you envisioned. If you’ve made a mistake of this nature, don’t attempt to overcome it alone. Let our firm fight for you.

A DUI/DWI/DUID case is a puzzle that can be difficult to solve. At Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney and Counselor at Law, we employ creativity and tailor-made solutions as we strive to solve the puzzle and help you move forward. Let us get to work for you. Schedule a free initial consultation with our knwoledgeable, determined criminal defense attorney in Burlington, Vermont, today. We proudly advocate for individuals accused of driving under the influence in Windsor County, Orange County, Franklin, Washington, and Chittenden.

What is Considered “Drunk Driving” or "Impaired Driving" in the State of Vermont?

A non-commercial driver is considered legally drunk or impaired when his or her blood alcohol level is measured to be .08 percent or more. For those operating commercial vehicles, having a blood alcohol level of .04 percent or more at the time of operation. If the driver did not submit to an evidentiary test, the state has to prove the driver was "under the influence" i.e., impaired at the time of operation.

In Vermont, there are special cases in which the maximum blood alcohol level tolerated is even lower. School bus drivers and drivers under the age of 21 cannot have a blood alcohol level of more than .02 percent while operating a vehicle.

If you’ve been accused of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, don’t leave your future up to chance. Schedule a free consultation with us today.



Possible Penalties for DUI/DWI/DUID

The consequences you may face if you’re convicted of DUI/DWI/DUID vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your charges. For example, a first-time offender could have to pay a hefty fine totalling hundreds of dollars and spend up to two years in prison, while a second or third offense could involve a longer prison sentence, a fine of more than $2500, and permanent license revocation.

Whether this is your first time being charged with DUI or you have a previous conviction on your record, you need to speak with an exceptional attorney as soon as possible to preserve your driving privileges, your financial health, and your freedom.

Fight to Protect Your Future

Our robust legal strategies are based on diligent research, in-depth investigation, and scientific fact. By analyzing your case and paying close attention to the details, we strive to uncover errors in the tests conducted and behavior exhibited by the arresting officer, opposing counsel, and other parties involved. Identifying even a small misstep in the legal process could lead to a favorable outcome for you and your case.

We dedicate our personal time, attention, and energy to every case we take on. Why? Because we truly care about our clients, and we believe that everyone deserves the chance to put their mistakes behind them. We don’t judge the people who come to us for legal counsel. Instead, we deliver compassionate, forward-thinking guidance to help them evolve and overcome.

If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI, we’re prepared to fight for you. Schedule a free initial consultation with our firm, Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney and Counselor at Law in Burlington, Vermont. We serve the surrounding areas of Windsor County, Orange County, Franklin, Washington, and Chittenden.


If you’re facing DUI, DWI, or DUID charges, you may be feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty. Our attorney strives to reduce your fear of the unknown and show you the path forward. Get the dedicated representation you need to pursue a brighter future. Reach out to our dedicated, experienced criminal defender in Burlington, Vermont, today.

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