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A DUI or criminal charge can be extremely stressful. Despite harsh Vermont DUI laws, knowledgeable and experienced counsel can make all the difference. You have found the right DUI lawyer to help you. Jason Sawyer runs one of the only law firms in Vermont that focuses on DUI defense. Jason Sawyer has fought and won DUI and criminal cases in every county in the state. He has the experience that you need and the familiarity with prosecutors, courtrooms, and judges throughout Vermont.
With 20 years of experience defending DUI and criminal cases, Jason Sawyer can help you if you have been arrested or cited. Jason has defended hundreds of Vermont DUI and criminal cases, from simple misdemeanors to complex and serious felonies. He has a wealth of experience with Vermont DUI and criminal laws, and will stand up and fight for you no matter the severity of your charge. If you have been arrested for a DUI or criminal charge, reach out to Attorney Sawyer.

From Burlington to Brattleboro and beyond, Jason Sawyer is recognized as a skilled DUI and criminal defense lawyer. In fact, Jason has been hired by other lawyers to serve as an expert witness in DUI defense. He has written and published articles on DUI defense and lectured at seminars. Jason is a past president of the Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the former State Delegate to the prestigious National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), a position appointed by the Board of Regents. Jason has completed multiple NCDD summer sessions at Harvard University, the preeminent DUI training seminar in the nation. In addition, he has attended multiple NCDD Mastering Scientific Evidence seminars throughout the country. He works closely with expert chemists to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Don’t take on your Vermont DUI case alone. Get an experienced, skilled lawyer on your side to help fight your case. Don’t hesitate to call Jason Sawyer today for a free consultation. Just one telephone call can make all the difference in the outcome of your DUI or criminal case.