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Legal counsel you can trust

Jason Sawyer has over 20 years of experience successfully defending DUI/DWI and a wide range of criminal cases in Vermont. Put yourself in the best position for success by trusting Jason Sawyer, a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney.

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Arrested for DUI?

Jason J. Sawyer spearheads one of the only law firms in the state of Vermont that is dedicated to handling DUI cases. He has the training and experience needed for a successful defense. Call DUI lawyer Jason J. Sawyer now for immediate help.

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Charged with a criminal offense?

A criminal charge can be difficult and cause much stress. Whatever type of criminal charge you are facing, put your mind at ease by scheduling a free consultation with Jason J. Sawyer.

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Experienced legal representation

Jason J. Sawyer has over 20 years of experience defending DUI and a wide range of criminal cases. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a successful defense.

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Get your
questions answered

Legal matters are complex. Jason J. Sawyer has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions. Just one telephone call can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Welcome to the website of Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney & Counselor at Law.

Jason Sawyer is a criminal law attorney and DUI defense lawyer with more than 20 years of experience defending clients in Burlington, VT and surrounding Vermont communities.

A DUI charge carries the potential for serious consequences from losing your driver’s license to time in jail. Our law firm is among the few in Vermont dedicated to DUI/DWI defense. Jason Sawyer is a seasoned drunk driving law attorney with the training, knowledge, and experience required for a successful defense.

Being charged with a crime is an extremely stressful, overwhelming, and frightening experience. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can put your mind at ease and ensure that your rights are protected. Jason Sawyer has represented clients charged with DUI, DWI, drug charges, property crimes, financial crimes, violent crimes, and other misdemeanor and felony charges.

Selecting an attorney is a big decision and we understand that you have questions. For this reason, we offer a free consultation with our criminal law and drunk driving lawyer. This provides the opportunity for you to have the facts of your case evaluated and get a recommendation about the best way to proceed.

If you require the services of a criminal law or DUI attorney in Burlington, VT or surrounding areas of Vermont, please browse our website to read more about Jason Sawyer and the firm’s criminal defense services.

For additional information or to request a free consultation, please contact our law firm by telephone at 802-658-6669.

Dealing with a DUI in VT is challenging. I learned quickly that having an expert like Jason on your side is critically important. He is highly experienced in the process for getting your case through the courts. He knows the case law that’s relevant to hold the police accountable for how your case is handled. His support was critically important to my case getting resolved. Being charged with DUI in VT is stressful enough. Going it alone is a mistake. Bringing Jason on my team was a great choice for me.

A client from NY.

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