DUI & DWI Attorney
in Burlington, Vermont

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s a fact of life. At our firm, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn from their mistakes and build a future uninhibited by their past. Let us help you fight for that chance.

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Seeing You For More Than Your Charges

We view our clients through a holistic lens. To us, you are more than just your criminal case. You’re an individual, and we’ll treat you as such.

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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Where others see problems, we see possibilities. We’ll persist through even the toughest challenges to seek a successful outcome for you.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce the impact of your criminal charge on your future.”

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Let us provide clarity and a course of action.

When faced with a criminal charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty. Our attorney strives to reduce the fear of the unknown by walking you through every step of the legal process. With us, you’ll understand how the system works, what to expect, and the possible paths forward.

Meet Your Attorney

Attorney Jason Sawyer

Jason Sawyer

Attorney at Law

Throughout his career, Jason has worked hard to help his clients navigate a justice system that defines people by their poor decisions while ignoring the socioeconomic circumstances that lead them down the wrong path in the first place. Attorney Sawyer excels at what he does because he brings more than just skill, knowledge, and experience to the table. He is truly passionate about making a difference by helping others overcome and move forward in the face of a machine that strives to punish as opposed to rehabilitate.

Don’t Let a Mistake
Derail Your Future

“I believe my clients are good people who have made poor decisions. Life is complicated, and, sometimes, mistakes are made. A poor choice does not define you, nor should it define the rest of your life.”

Jason Sawyer

Determined Advocacy To Defend Your DUI Charges

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Defending the Accused in Burlington & Beyond


Get a Leg Up—Choose Experienced Counsel with Proven Results

With over 20 years of experience advocating for the rights of the accused in Burlington and beyond, our attorney is the compassionate, innovative defender you want on your side. When criminal charges threaten your future, we’ll help you fight back.

Robust Defense Strategies Backed by Research

At Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney and Counselor at Law, we conduct in-depth investigations to formulate smart strategies for our clients. You can rest assured that, when you put us at the helm of your criminal case, we’ll do our research. From DUI charges to domestic violence offenses, we’ll seek solutions that are backed by science and rooted in fact. Our goal is to pursue justice above all else.

Judgement-Free Guidance Focused on Your Future

We don’t judge our clients or the choices they’ve made. Instead, we strive to understand the individual behind the case. At our firm, we’ll welcome you with an open mind and listen to your side of the story. Everyone deserves the chance to be heard.

Fighting for Justice in an Unjust System

The legal system is built on deeply entrenched inequality and is well-known for punishing those who are marginalized by society. It isn’t right, but it is the reality that we must face. Fighting back against criminal charges is a difficult mountain to climb, so don't climb it alone. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.