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The law defines domestic violence as an act of violence on a person that has an intimate or family relationship with the accused. The consequences of a conviction can be serious, so it is important to look for experienced domestic violence lawyers to represent you. Our domestic violence law firm represents clients in Burlington, VT and surrounding Vermont communities.

Although these charges commonly stem from issues between married individuals, this is not always the case. Domestic violence can be parents, step-parents, roommates or any person living at the same residence. An experienced domestic violence attorney is in the best position to help you. The charges can include a threat of physical harm, stalking, rape, assault, criminal harassment or kidnapping.

When the charges are serious, the state may seek jail time for the accused. Hiring an experienced domestic violence lawyer is imperative in order to avoid the most serious penalties. Jason Sawyer has represented hundreds of clients over the past 15 years, including many who have been charged with domestic violence and related offenses. As your attorney, he is committed to fighting for your rights and making a difference in the outcome of your case.

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