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Fight your way through difficult times

We understand that legal issues can be overwhelming and emotionally charged. In such circumstances a lawyer who doesn’t provide personalized services is the last thing that you need. That is why our attorney Jason J. Sawyer takes up your case personally and does not leave it for some random associate to deal with.

• Homicide

• Aggravated assaults

• Domestic assault

Property crimes such as:

• Burglary

• Grand larceny

• Unlawful trespass

• Embezzlement


Charges that we handle:

Jason J. Sawyer has substantial experience in representing cases of violent crimes. Therefore if you have been charged with a similar case or are about to be charged, consult our attorney with immediate effect. Our initial consultation is FREE of cost. So take advantage of our experience and get ready with a strong case.

Experience on your side

Don't bear the domestic violence silently. Call for help before it's too late!

Got arrested while driving in a drunk state? Call us for help.


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